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Wearing Your Green: Nature Jewelry


The Victorians had a name for it – tussie mussie. Essentially, it was a tiny bouquet of flowers that one carried, or the cone shaped container that was used to carry it. As the Victorians were very superstitious, the flowers and herbs usually had some meaning. Red roses meant passionate love. Daisies, innocence. Peonies, healing. And so on.

It’s hard to imagine people toting tussie mussies today along with their cell phones, laptops and other gizmos. But apparently, in the midst of all the techno chaos, we still want to connect to the natural world, judging by the popularity of what I like to call nature jewelry.

This whimsical fern ring was created Kay Marriott of Ruby Robin Boutique.

nature jewelry

A rose is a rose by any other name…how does it go? This tiny encapsuled rose on a chain, also by Ruby Robin Boutique, is so romantic. 

nature jewelry

Colleen Jordan of Wearable Planter uses 3D printing to produce her precise designs, like this jade colored lapel pin and the teal icosahedron necklace below. (Plants not included.)

nature jewelry

nature jewelry

Air plants and forest moss require little care and so stay green inside little terrarium necklaces such as this one by Kimberly Gordon of Faerie Nest.

Terrarium Necklace from FaerieNest on Etsy

…and Erica Richardson and Amanda Mears of The Land of Salt present moss in a box.

Moss Cube Necklace LandofSalt on Etsy

Do you wear nature jewelry? If so, what plant do you fancy?

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2 Responses to Wearing Your Green: Nature Jewelry

  1. What a beautiful feature! Thank you so much for including my fern ring and rose bud pendant, I’m so glad you like them! I love the idea of carrying a little snippet of nature around with me, especially as a country girl now living in the city. Those little bottles with the live plants in them are just incredibly, such beautiful work!

  2. I love that the pendants/plants are simple, innocent, and cute!



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